problem changing icon on fat32 partition

using suse 11.3 and kde 4.4.4
on the mounted fat32 partition I cannot change icons
partition is mounted in fstab in this way:
/dev/sda8/ /dati vfat user, users, gid=users, umask=0002, utf8=true, 0, 0
I can create files folders modify, move and save them on the partition but
if I try to change the icon (in dolphin right click>properties>click on icon) of the /eros folder (or any other folder or link) system gives me this error:
impossibile salvare le proprieta’ , non hai accesso sufficiente per scrivere su /dati/eros/.directory
tha in english is something like this:
impossoble save properties, you havent enough permission access to write on /dati/eros/.directory
this happen also as superuser

how can I solve??
many thanks;)

I think your main problem is that you want to tread a FAT32 file system as a native Linux file system, which it is not. The fact that you can use and do a lot of things with a FAT32 file system in Linux is thanks to the fact that a lot of things are emulated. In short, the look of it as a normal Linux file system is fake. E.g. the owners/groups and access bits you see are fake, they do not exist on the file system, thus you can not change them.

This is most pobably a similar thing. The KDE software keeps that icon in the directory it belongs to in a file named* .directory*. I know almost nothing about Windows and it’s file systems, but I suppose that name can not be used on such a file system.

Use the possibility to access Windows file system on Unix for exchanging data with Windows, not for storing your Linux data and doing your day to day Linux work.

you are right, but I remember that with suse 11.0 or 10.3 I was able to change icons on fat32 partition, now with 11.3 I cannot, there should be a way to do what I did with the previous version with this 11.3 brand new ad more advanced version shouldn’t it?? :slight_smile: