Problem booting with high res console

Hello to all users of openSuse!!

I am dying for an answer to my problem so please if you can help me out you’ll save me from a lot of headache.

I’ve been trying to boot the console with a high resolution rather than the 80x25 lines with no success.

I’m booting with GRUB which passes the option vga=0x377 to the kernel (I’m not sure about being 0x377 or other number, but it’s a number that should normally work). Instead of getting a high res console I’m told that this mode is unidentified and prompted to enter a correct number.

And not we the choices available are only the 80x25, 80x50 and the likes of them. I am not given the choice for any VESA type resolution!!

And now comes the weird part; once in a while the system accepts the vga=0x377 and boots normally into console with a high res without the “unidentified mode” error.

I know that it sounds that like there is a glitch in my graphics card and most likely it is one. Still, other than that problem, KDE runs smoothly and I’ve never had any problems regarding my card when I use Windows.

So, there has to be a way to boot into a high res console by doing some tweaks in my linux system. Can you help me out?

Try vga=0x317 - should give the required resolution.

Hi whych,

I’ve tried 0x317 and it doesn’t work either. This was expected because when a mode (eg 0x317) is “unidentified” by the system I am prompted to enter a valid mode number from a list which contains only text resolutions like 80x25 or 80x50 (not VESA type ones)

I believe that in reality I am dealing with a hardware problem with my graphics card, one that can be dealt with software tweaks though (as I analysed in my first post)

PS: Correction to my fist post; the number was 0x375, not 0x377 but this doesn’t really change anything.


Passing “edd=off” to the kernel with the help of Yast Boot Loader enabled all the VESA resolutions for the console!!

I don’t know what this command is, but it did the job perfectly.

So in case someone face the same problem, they could try this.