Problem booting USB stick with 12.2 image

Ok I still have not upgraded to 12.2 still on 11.4

Have had cd/dvd burner problems ( hardware)

Thought I’d try a USB stick.


Checked iso check sums AOK

Tried with both dd and ImageWriter. In both case the same. I get the start menu fine but after kernel start I get

Loading KIWI CD boot-system

Creating device nodes with udev

Then the system freezes

Any ideas??

I use Imagewriter and never a problem
And it sounds like you have it working, just that your system isn’t liking it.
You can still verify the media you are using, even with a USB, have you tried that?

I did install 12.2 from LIVE USB DVD , not once but multiple times and it worked everytime.
Yes, i broke my system OS many time due to my misadventures :slight_smile:
You may try Live ISO. It too worked for me.
I found that the DVD is on the slower side.
DVD does hang for about 10~20 mins(not secs :slight_smile: ) when “detecting Linux partitions” for me. I usually switch on my TV during those times to calm my nerves

Yep requires loading of Kernels and freezes with same error.

Waited 5-10 min and it is locks solid ctrl-alt-del does not work had to hard reset

Machine is a bit long in the tooth but it runs 11.4 great

Processor (CPU): AMD Athlon™ 64 Processor 3200+
Speed: 2,009.06 MHz

Vendor: nVidia Corporation
Model: GeForce 6800 XT

If you can’t load it with the usual workarounds, I would try 12.1 or even try a live 12.3 to see how that is with a view to perhaps waiting for that…

Tried 11.3 and is does boot to Desktop with nomodeset option.

Looks very nice I like the new default backgrounds (very eloquent)

Only problem I saw with a very short appraisal was the on some widgets the control bar is stuck about 1/2 way covered.

Will continue on beta board

Did you run “isohybrid” on the iso before copying to the USB?

For 12.2, I tried without “isohybrid” and it stops at exactly that place. I think it is unable to recognize the boot media after it has setup the USB devices.

After running “isohybrid” it works fine.

A hint: When I had that problem, I did something like

dd if=“iso file” of=“usb device” count=20

because I did not feel like writing the entire iso back to the usb again. I’m pretty sure that “isohybrid” changes only the first one or two sectors, but I gave it 20 just in case. That worked fine.

And “isohybrid” can be found by installing “syslinux”, if you don’t already have that.

No it boots to the menu so that is not the problem and the 12.3 beta works fine if I use nomodeset. Have not tried real install yet

AFAIK you only need isohybrid for the DVD image not the CD image

I’ll wait until 12.3 is released in full then try the install. 11.4 is just fine so no rush for me :slight_smile:

I think the kde users of the 12.3 beta are having some issues
I decided to run gnome from the live cd. Works really well. Only issue was with Grub not booting other OS’s, not a big one to work around.