Problem About Trinity window Manager

Hello everyone!

I use KDE4. I begun using Gnu/Linux in 2011, so I never experienced KDE3. I’ve tried Trinity in a virtual environment for a few minutes, but never used it seriously. Recently i purchased an OpenSUSE 13.1 dvd (The version i’m currently running) and plan to do a minimal install and then install Trinity to give it a propper test.
I have used desktop environments other than kde in the past and i find i always desire kwin. Kwin running in XFCE4 worked, but i still found my self drawn back to the plasma desktop.
I plan on trying to use the native Trinity window manager to see how i like it, but if i don’t like it i’ll probably switch it out for kwin and see if i like Trinity.

Anyone here use or used Trinity?
I’m interested in what you think of it.
Thank’s a lot!