Probelm after updating XOrg


I have a problem in GUI after I updating Xorg from it’s repository.
I am using Compiz-Fusion by default, and this what I got after updating my system today.](
But if I killall compiz and using metacity I had no problem.

I try to reconfiguring my display setting by using sax2

sax2 -r

But it’s still the same problem after restarting GUI or system!

I am using a MacBook (Santa rosa version 3.1) machine with intel graphics card X3100, and aiglx by default, and if I try to using Xgl the GUI restarting by itself after I login.

This the first time I have like this problem with Xorg, and if I downgrade it by yast that everything works as good.

Any idea for this problem?

Sorry I forgot…
I am using openSUSE 11.0, 32-bit.

So there is no support help for this! :confused:


Do you know what driver you have installed?

Note that if it is a manually compiled driver, you may have to reinstall after a update of Xorg.

First, take a look at the X log file /var/log/Xorg.0.log. Look for the errors; probably at the end of the log where the server fails.

Find the SDB (Support Database) article in the wiki for “AIGLX”. In 11.0 AIGLX is built in to X, all that is required is for hardware accleration to be enabled. In <=10.3, there were lines that needed to be manually added to xorg.conf to enable AIGLX. So perhaps try removing all the AIGLX lines from xorg.conf, perhaps there is a conflict.

Another user with the intel driver using AIGLX had a driver mismatch after update; one needed driver is only in a later version of the Mesa package (which installs the dri and glx drivers used by intel). You can update to a newer version of X with new drivers from the X repository for 11.0. It’s at Index of /repositories/X11:/XOrg/openSUSE_11.0