Probe usb devices fails, cannot install

openSUSE 13.2 64bit stable regular release
I have an MSI GT70-2PE laptop.
Ran the media check.

The install tries forever to find usb devices and never moves on.
I powered off and unplugged all usb devices.
It still cannot move on.
This is a game stopper.
I just finished a book on migrating to Linux Mint.
I wanted to write a book on migrating to openSUSE also.
I cannot consider this distro for a new book with these kinds of bugs.

Got any ideas on how to get around this?


How did you create the bootable install media? Just need to verify the steps taken ahead of installing.

I downloaded the ISO and burned using Brasero inside of Linux Mint 17.2.

Well, assuming the media is ok, then worth reading the advice in this thread regarding kernel boot options (for problematic hardware)

If you have USB storage media available, you might also consider testing with a Live distro

I think there is a bug in the x64 version of opensuse 13.2 installer
why do I say this?
I had the the 32 bit version for some time, the installer had no issues, I thought I’d try x64 as the 32 bit is dying out, the initial installer boot took about 4 hours (the device probing) I didn’t get any error, I thought maybe some of my devices wore dying but, after the initial start the rest of the process was fast and had no issues, I’ve been running that version for quite some time.
I do think a solution would be to disable most kernel options or use the live installer, but I already installed it and as I had no real issues running it I didn’t make a bug report, and I’m not sure what would be to report as the iso’s are frozen.
I’ll wait for Leap to come out for a reinstall (I might dup to Leap)
I have older hardware that suits my needs an intel dual E750 with 4 GB RAM, nvidia 240 and 3 hard drives.
to summarize the 32bit installer had no issues with my hardware, the x64 bit took forever to startup, maybe I should try the latest Leap rc and see if the bug is still there maybe make bug report?
I’ll see if I have the time.


I don’t really have the time to let the installer sit for 4 hours, except maybe let it start when I go to bed and check it in the morning.
I am finishing up my eBook for Linux Mint and cannot tolerate the down time.
I will try the kernel options till then.
Thanks for verifying this is not a unique issue to my system.

I installed to vmware (tumbleweed edition) and found that vmware tools would not run.
I am using the regular release instead. I like the idea of 1-click installs.
Let me know if you find out anything helpful.
If this were easy, there would be no need for books.

maybe you should use Leap for your book
I had an issue with the x64 installer with 13.2
just downloaded the x64 net install iso and tested it
didn’t have any issues with it, the installer starter up fine and in less then 2 minutes it was up and running.
Anyhow Leap stable will be out soon, in just
it’s better to base your book on the latest not the previous version, also afaik most Leap features are frozen only bugfixes till the launch

Why is Leap version 42.1 when the last release was 13.2?

The same reason the first stable version of SuSe was 4.2’s_Guide_to_the_Galaxy#Answer_to_the_Ultimate_Question_of_Life.2C_the_Universe.2C_and_Everything_.2842.29

IMO the reason is cos Leap will be based on SLE, and the SuSe devs love that number.

a serious source for the name change