Probable Corrupt SuSE 64-bit 11.0 Torrent

Just tried to use the SuSE 64-bit ISO for the first time, downloaded by way of Torrent.

Installation proceeds to where Software packages are to be installed, then a fatal error occurs trying to read package information… something about a “Sash broken.”

Because of how Torrent works(every piece and the final file is automatically checksummed), and the additional fact that the downloaded file is compressed (tar.gz), it’s virtually impossible for the ISO to be damaged in transit… the file has to be corrupt at the source.

The .iso image may be fine, but there are still a couple of steps between that and the hard disk. Your DVD may be faulty, there’s a media check you should do, which also covers the possibility of a dodgy DVD reader. Finally it may not be the media, but a machine fault like memory problems killing the installer.

The x86_64 DVD installed fine for me BTW.

On 06/24/2008 tsu2 wrote:
> and the additional fact that the downloaded file is compressed
> (tar.gz)

Hm, the original download isn’t, it is just an ISO. Care grabbing the torrent from the Opensuse page?


Since I’m installing in a virtual machine, I’m able to point directly to the ISO. No media issues involved since I don’t burn to disk.

Are you sure you’re using the TORRENT download for your x64 SuSE media or did you HTTP or FTP download? At this point I’m only suspecting the TORRENT download.

You’re right. I just checked the TORRENT file on the OpenSuSE website just now and it’s an uncompressed ISO. Don’t know how I somehow got the other file (maybe it was initially served within the first few hours, then switched?).

In any case, it’s likely the TORRENT file available NOW is likely different than the one causing me problems so may not be a problem for anyone else.

I used a local mirror which is HTTP but I checked the md5sums against the official ones and they match. You should have done the same also no matter what method you used.

I’ve just downloaded using HTTP and I’m seeing the same problem.

Here is a screenshot of the problem

I see there is another thread from someone else about the 64-bit ISO which <may> be the same or related.

The error displays as soon as the installation attempts to load the software installation images from the DVD media.