Prob. with javascript?

openSUSE 11.2 Firefox, and Thunderbird. I failed to reg. a credit card on “Etsy” in order to sell but nether I or the support team at Etsy could determine the exact prob.
I would get a message “enable javascript” as a failed attempt, but was showing enabled in firefox. Had to use a Window$ machine to complete reg.

Any one know what might be the prob. as I use this comp. for bank and other online transactions without probs.?

welcome new poster, but what are these words:

trying to save ink or bits? this is not twitter or SMS/txt msg

btw: 11.2 is EOL & U need to upgrd 1st

Just trying to keep it short.

Register, Etsy is an online post to sell and buy hand made crafts, problem and computer respectively.

I’m not new but have not logged on for quite awhile and found the forum changed and completely different.

I have 11.3 just haven’t had the time to upgrade.

How do I enabale spell check again as it along with my avatar and profile have disappeared?