privoxy & tor

i’m trying to start privoxy & tor. opening console in su mode and typing privoxy produces this:

Privoxy(b7d0c6c0) Fatal error: can’t check configuration file ‘/root/config’: No such file or directory

config file which i edited before according to torproject specifications is locate in /etc/privoxy

i installed programs thru yast, an i have no idea why would it look for config file in root directory.

help me with this please.

  • Install privoxy and tor via YaST/zypper (if not already done)

  • Start privoxy as root with its init-script

rcprivoxyd start

and not as root with “privoxy” (never do things like that!).

  • For autostart, activate privoxyd via YaST => System => Runlevel Editor or with

chkconfig privoxyd on

(On older versions of openSUSE the you might have to leave out the “d” at the end.)

Same goes for tor (rctor start, chkconfig tor on).

thank you! it worked :slight_smile: