Privoxy and TBB

Recently after installing Privoxy, the tor-pluggable-transports-browser-gnu-linux-i686-2.4.12-alpha-2-pt1-dev-en-US stops working every time, the torbutton turns grey in color and the test messege is: Tor proxy test: Local HTTP Proxy is unreachable. Is Polipo running properly?


I see this is your first post, welcome here.

It is a pitty we are not clairvoyant here (we are openSUSE users like you), so can you please always tell which version of openSUSE you use? That may help people who try to help you in e.g. replaying what you did on their own systems. And there are always differences in the several versions (else they wouldn’t be version).

And I guess you installed privoxy from the standard OSS repo?

I am using KDE 4.10.00, and yes, privoxy is installed from the OSS repo

That is information, but what still is missing is the version of openSUSE!

Although not likely critical, the version of openSUSE should be stated. No matter what version of openSUSE is running, the Tor Browser Bundle is supposed to be completely self-contained and be agnostic to the distro, desktop, etc.

Also, although Tor can be installed from the OSS (and other repositories), it <should not> be used in favor of the TBB.

To the OP
You’re going to have to describe exactly what you did or did not do prior to your message. Also, did you absolutely verify Privoxy is running? Newly installed apps don’t usually startup on their own by default and sometimes also need to be started up manually first time/or require config to start on boot.

Also, have you read various guides to integrating Privoxy with the TBB eg the following?


Next time I will be notice to tell you the version of openSUSE, for current, I’m using 12.3