private open-build-service server: no build targets

Hello, I need to install a private obs server to create packages for SLES11 and RHEL7. I installed the disk image from and applied the following changes:

  • installed yast2+yast2-network to set my IP/proxy configuration
  • zypper dup + reboot
    I created a dummy specfile that should create an empty rpm file and uploaded it to a new package in my home project.
    Now I want the server to build the package but there are no build targets defined.
    So I downloaded obs_mirror_project (and installed ruby for it) to get all SLES11 rpms:
./obs_mirror_project -p SUSE:SLE-11:SP4 -r standard -d /srv/obs -a x86_64

That downloaded a bunch of files into /src/obs/build/SUSE:SLE-11:SP4 and I ensured with chown and chmod -R that the files belong to obsrun:obsrun and are writable.
The files were indexed (after I fixed my /etc/hosts to contain the FQDN of my server).

Then I created an empty project, called it SUSE:SLE-11:SP4, added a repo named standard and x86_64 architecture.
Under Advanced/Meta I wrote

<project name="SUSE:SLE-11:SP4">
  <title>SLES11 SP4 build repositories</title>
  <description>SLES11 SP4 build repositories</description>
  <person userid="Admin" role="maintainer"/>
    <disable repository="standard"/>
  <repository name="standard">

I don’t get

  • how to link my home project to that one for compilation/packaging; despite the fact that trying to add a build target results in a 500 internal server error and I don’t know which logfile to reference. So there is nothing like that:
  • how to get RHEL packages; using the script for RedHat:RHEL-7 results in error messages that no files exist, though the project can be found on Is this due to licensing issues? We have RHEL CDs which we could use but I don’t know which packages would be required. Otherwise I will use CentOS-7. Don’t I have to create some sort of VM for the build process anyways?
  • if this SLES11 repo is used to build or should be invisible somehow and is referenced in other projects only to inherit build information

The page does more things like

osc api /distributions > file
edit file
osc api /distributions -T file

Trying to do so results in a 403: Forbidden error. As this might try to upload the config to or wherever I used osc -A https://<local IP> api /distributions -T file and that results in 401: Unauthorized.
I am root and don’t understand if I have to do this, and why it does not work and which log to read.

Sadly, the documentation is poor and nobody seems to care; there are chapters containing only dots or cut off sentences and other information on the web is outdated.
What do I have to do to build packages on my system? I currently have obs 2.8.2-1.2 packages installed.

I would assume that Development > Open Build Service (OBS) is the better sub-forum for your question.

Do you want me to move this thread there?

right, I did not see that. Please move the thread; thanks :slight_smile:

Will be moved and is CLOSED for the moment.

Moved from Applications and open again.

For the record, I found it out:
The obs_mirror_project must not be used to download into /srv/obs directly. Instead, the empty project has to be created in the WebUI first, then obs_mirror_project has to be used to download to another location, e.g. in /opt and then the rpm files have to be copied over into the :full directory, followed by a rescan. Wow…

The question left is how to prepare a RHEL repository because all package downloads return 404.

also found that out: download the packages from RHEL myself and rename the files (remove version infix). This thread can be closed.