Private Internet Access VPN

Just a heads up for anyone using PIA VPN with Networkmanager, or in anyway really. I have been having a lot of issues for the past few weeks and this morning found out that their certificates have changed. Anyone using their application will have them updated automagically but anyone else will be using the old certificates. Go here on the PIA site or search for ‘Installing OpenVPN + PIA on Linux’. The openvpn zip files are down the page. There are optional versions, the first one didn’t work for me, the one titled did. Replace your certificate link in NM with the one in the new file. So far that ‘seems’ to have fixed the problem.

Are you sure PIA has really changed its certificates?

I have been running a PIA VPN under NetworkManager for several years without a change of settings, and it is still working flawlessly today. The certificates were copied manually on original set-up and have not been touched since.

Also, I can start the service manually using systemd and again it works perfectly with the config file and certificates supplied by PIA several years ago.

There are lot of VPNs to surf internet as anonymous but when it comes to data security you must have choose paid services. I don’t use VPN at all but I will be visiting China soon and might need this service to access some blocked sites. So will buy a good china vpn service for that.