Prints once only.. rest stays in que

Ive got a bjc3000
Prints fine works well on PCLOS. And works on my suse too but for one issue. Seems to just print once. Does a page of what ever I want printed, But if I chose to print something else it wont.
It just stays in the printing que… Im useing the foomatic driver that was recommended. It does test pages fine.

I’m not familiar with Canon printers, but this could be as a result of slightly incompatible driver. Have a look at

OpenPrinting database - Printer: Canon BJC-3000

and maybe experiment with an alternative driver (eg similar model).

why would I have no issues on PCLOS? then it be the same driver would it not

the question is what driver did you use?

if you use capt, then you did something wrong when install it? read carefully manual
and did you use opensuse 11.1 x86-64?