printr, with good drivers and configured do not work hp deskjet 2050 j510

Hi all,

So I have a printer hp deskjet 2050 j510 who usually work really good on ubuntu or fedora. But now, I decide to use opensuse 42.2 leap.

On ubuntu and fedora, my printer work just by use printer-system-config, and hplip is not needed !

but here, I must use yast, to configure my printer, it’s difficult to configure, but I found how to do. My printer is finaly configure with hplip tool. I am arrived to print 3 pages, but 2 hours later, my printer do not work.

There nothing who go out my printer now !

I uninstall my printer, réinstall, restart my computer very much times… but I do not find how to do for make it work…

I hope realy find some help to resolve that here, because I realy need it now :s

Try as root:


I used hp-setup hp-doctor hp-check my printer is found and configured, but it did not work and it seems that hplip don’t find errors…

Cancel any stale jobs with

cancel -a

and attempt a test print


Does that complete successfully?

…and just in case you haven’t tried it already, power-cycle the printer completely. I only mention it because sometimes it’s the simple things that can cause problems like this, as it did for this M$ user (same printer model)…