Printing with a Cannon device (Pixma MX850) under SUSE

Hallo everyone

I have a little problem: I want to print under SUSE 11.3 with a Cannon printer.
It´s a current device called Pixma MX 850.

Under windows I can print in perfect quality. Under Linux no driver for the MX is available. So I have to use a workaround from OpenPrinting | The Linux Foundation
Using the (very old and with minimal support for my printer ) driver for a device called pixma 5300. I can print with 600dpi points on this driver. Normally my printer is able to print with 9600dpi. That is very annoying for me, because I get bad papers on linux.
My biggest problem now is the fact, that on 11.3 I am just able to print ONE page.
When I choose to print an openoffice document with for example 20 pages only one page becomes printed. All the other pages a printed with various letters or complete blackness. On OS 11.2 this problem were not present; With the 5300 driver I was able to print as much as I wanted ( in 600dpi).
Is there a solution for the problem with the 5300 driver?
Better would be a solution that would let me print in 9600dpi (windows quality)


sounds like a very good printer you have, and you wish to use its capabilities; Canon don’t seem to offer a driver on their Canon Europe site

we have used turboprint over the years for our canon printers, and it has worked well

they ask for a contribution to pay for the work they do; that seems fair for a very good programme

their website says their driver works for your printer, and it will give you much flexibility

In Ubuntu I got my MX 870 to work with this thread. I can not seem to get it to work for openSuse though. the --force-architecture command does not work and the program can not find: is needed by cnijfilter-mx870series-3.30-1.i386

The “contribution” for Turboprint is almost $40.00. I sure would like to find a cheaper way to get my printer to work. Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile: