Printing to shared windows printer

I want to print from my linux box to my win7 pc that has a shared printer. I have cups installed and tried to add pritner using samba, but was unsuccesful, gave me an error when trying to add. The guide i followed is: Yet another Linux to Windows printing tip – Debian Admin

The printer model is a dell 2330d laser printer, it is not in cups, so i added the ppd file i got off the dell support site. I am aware that there is a native suse driver, but i want to print to the windows printer.

If possible I would like to know how to do this via command line instead of the GUI.


If you can’t figure out how to print from the CLI, this GUI tutorial for openSUSE might help: Simply put: it’s about printing to a Windows computer from a Linux computer

Thank You, Much Appreciated.

I’m doing to do the same thing as ionstorm3 but without success.
How did it work for you?

Thanks for any infos.


well I was trying to to set it up under easy debian on my Nokia N900, didn’t work out for me.

I can see the windows box with the shared printer and shared folders. I created a printer in CUPS but still can’t use it.

Did you create a linux user (with the same username/password from the windows box)?

No, I used the LPD method, I didn’t use SAMBA

I use the LDP method at first but got a error message:
“Attempting to connect to host for printer canonmf3200”

Did you got the same thing?

I got an error as well, but I cant quite remember what the error was. I’m somewhat busy today, but tomorrow I’ll try to set it up again and see what happens. Btw what version of windows are you using?

Im using Windows XP.