Printing PostScript FIles on a Cannon Pixma

I have a problem when printing postscript files to a Canon Pixma 2000 Bubble Jet from CUPS or an Epson Stylus Inkjet printer.

Basically it always comes back with a failure message which says that the pstoraster filter has failed error 11. This seems to be a problem widely repeated on other systems and forums but I havn’t found a solution.

Anybody out there have any knowledge on this?

(Opens Suse 11.0)>:(

Don’t know how to solve the problem but as a workaround have you tried using ps2pdf to convert them to pdfs and printing them?

hi John

Yes i can do that it’s just a bit of pain as it means that I have to export a PDF from the application to print rather than printing direct from the application, but thanks for the thought.

This problem seems to make the prime purpose of Ghostscript which is to enable an ordinary matrix type printer to emulate a postscript device completely broken.