Printing line numbers in kate

When using kate (KDE text editor) I would like to be able to have the line numbers displayed on the printed output. I have line number display set in the editor configuration but can’t find where to set the printing to display them. Has anyone been able to use this option or have any suggestions on how to enable it?

Thanks, Tom

So, to turn on line numbers when you view a document, you press F11 which acts as a toggle to show or hide line numbers. To print line numbers you will do: File / Print or Ctrl-P and then Options (bottom Left corner) Text Settings Tab and check the Print line numbers option. Then press the Print button on the bottom right and you are done.

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I see it in german so when I transalte it now it can look slightly
different for you but I hope it is clear enough

select print in file menu
click on options in the print dialog
5th tab is text settings with a checkbox for line numbers

just tried it and it works

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Thank you both for the rapid response. Obviously I’m getting toooo old! Your reminders brought it back to me. I’m in a wheelchair and can’t/won’t take a laptop with me when I go out so take along hardcopy, but usually just a few pages. Searching for something over 30+ pages of hardcopy is too difficult.

Thanks again, Tom

I was happy to help. I fully understand the problems in getting around in a wheelchair. My wife is disabled and wheelchair bound. If effects so many things you do every day. Good luck and let us know if we can help in any other way.

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