Printing from Firefox

Must be losing the plot here, I have a couple of articles which I have saved on Firefox and wish to print them. I can open the articles in Okular but when I try and preview or print I just get blank pages. What am I doing wrong please?

Are these web pages that you’ve saved by printing to file first (as PDF files)?

Hi Deano, cannot recall as I had saved the articles as pdfs on another machine.
Quick fix was to use evince. All worked fine then.
No idea what was wrong with okular but I sometimes wonder why I ever chose KDE rather than Gnome.
No doubt in due course it will be fixed but meanwhile life goes on.

Too general for me to comment on, but if you can link to the web pages, I’ll happily test. Or perhaps share the offending PDF files via
*I tested this site and was able to upload/share a document without registering and they provide 60 day sharing.