Printing from Firefox only prints first page of conversation on chatGPT

I am running KDE desktop with Firefox as browser and have been using chatGPT to solve a problem.
The answers have been OK and I wanted to print the conversation but whatever I do I can only print the first page.

I asked chatGPT how to sort this out and did not get a satisfactory answer. The answer asked me to check the printer and browser settings but the only setting that is relevant is already set to print “all” and still I can only print the first page.

Is my problem a chatGPT problem or Browser or Printer.
Can anybody help please?

Can you print to PDF successfully?

Hi Dean,
Sadly whatever I try I only get the first page. Tried printing to pdf, printing to CUPS-PDF and default HP printer. Same result.
I suppose the next thing I should try is Chromium but no time now. Will have to try tomorrow evening.

Likely to be an issue with the source then. Try another browser and test. I assume that other web pages print completely as expected? Other than that I have no further suggestions.