Printing from CUPS via SMB requires Linux Password

Using CUPS version 1.3.9- to print to a SMB printer but it keeps prompting to enter the users linux password.

In /etc/cups/printers.conf there’s a line which says: “AuthInfoRequired username,password”

If I change this to: “AuthInfoRequired none” sometimes when CUPS is restarted or sometimes when I print to the printer it’ll change it back to “username,password”.

Below is the printers.conf configuration:

<Printer jp>
AuthInfoRequired username,password
Info jp
DeviceURI smb://[userid]:[password]@[domain]/[computer]/[printer share]
State Idle
StateTime 1439297423
Accepting Yes
Shared Yes
JobSheets none none
QuotaPeriod 0
PageLimit 0
KLimit 0
OpPolicy default
ErrorPolicy stop-printer

If anyone has a solution to this it would be greatly appreciated.

Is the samba share administered by you? Linux or Windows print server?

The following guide might be helpful here