Printing and Wine


I am running MS Office 2007 under wine 1.1.6 and openSUSE 11,0. Every functionality is working just fine, except for PDF (virtual?) printer. I know some people will ask “Why don’t you use OpenOffice?” - I need it, that’s it.

Here is the issue: When I click on print button, MS Office is telling me that no printer is installed. I would really like to install some kind of “virtual” printer that “prints” my files to PDF.

In other words, the same “virtual” printer there is in firefox or in other K programs.

I know it is someway possible to make it work with wine and Office 2007, it worked automatically in Ubuntu Hardy Heron. It would be really useful.

Thanks for your help!
(and thanks to be patient, I’m a complete newbie)


I finally solved the Wine’s Office 2007 printing problem! Here is the solution, for people that might be interested.

1 - Office 2007 was not finding any printer. To solve this, I downloaded and installed the hp-lip 2.8.9 package (my printer is HP). You can find it at HP Linux Imaging and Printing

Now, when you click the print button in Office 2007, the printer window is popping properly.

2 - Once you are in “print” window, click “print to file”. This will create a printer file (.prn)

3 - When you have this “.prn” file, it’s easy: Just open it with Konqueror. Click Print. In the scrolling list, choose “Print to file (PDF)”.


This post might sound useless for many people, but I think it could be useful for newbies like me!


Hi Molocius,

Thank you for posting your solution. It very helpful and courteous.