Probably been asked a thousand times before, but…
After a good, multifunction printer for home, obviously that will work with Opensuse.
Would like good photo printing, duplex, and, if possible, CD/DVD printing (I know, old technology - and rare…).
Have been using an Epson Artisan 725, that I have had working both printing and scanning, but it has just ‘stopped’ printing - another story… (Planned obsolescence!) Has turned me off Epson, but believe they only have very basic, if any, support, anyway…
From what I read about Canon, they aren’t very well built…?
Don’t particularly like HP, and don’t think they have any CD/DVD printing, but…
I know, doesn’t leave a lot, but just after thoughts/experience?


  • First check that, the model you’ve set your heart on has a Linux PPD – the ones supplied by Kyocera for their newest Multifunction printers are OK.
  • Possibly a minor issue – Kyocera only makes Laser printers …

Brother----Linux drivers mostly avaible
HP—Linux drivers mostlly avaible
Canon—Linux drivers often avaible
Epson— Linux drivers mostly avible.

So look on the Manufacturers side and see, if a driver is avaible for your prefered printer.