Using yast I manage to configure my printer being Epson D98 test print success full
But when try to print a text document nothing happens ,again it recognize my printer, but it does not print anything
Printing a web page ok
Can anybody helps me with this problem


Thank you for posting, and thank you for participating in our forum.

If you can print a test page, and can print a web page, but not print from some other unknown application, the problem is likely with the printer setup in that unknown application.

Please, next time you post, can you use a more descriptive title. … maybe something like: Title: EpsonD98 printer only prints with some applications in SuSE-xx (what ever your suse version).

Good luck with your efforts.

I can not print using open office I use suse 11 now With suse 10.3 ore suse 9.3 using the same printer every thing is ok.


Again, its difficult to provide help with the limited information you provided. The desktop/window manager you are using could have a bearing on this. ie KDE-3.5.9 ? KDE-4.0.4 ? KDE-4.1 beta ? Gnome? Xfce ? other ?

Is this printer connected directly to your PC? or via a local LAN ?

Note there is a great help menu in open office. Did you examine the help for “printers:adding UNIX” ?

Aside from that, I don’t think I can help you with the dearth of information that I have received. Hopefully someone else can see between the lines where I can not, and chime in with better support.

Good luck.

Well here is some more information :
1)Printer directly connected with computer USB
2)Is suse 11 so it is kde 4.0.4 provided with the DVD.
3)Office text document printer settings shows
the wright printer
4)When trying to print it shows the printer where it going to send , but it never arrived there.

Hopefully this information is enough to help me with my problem