Printer setup fails

New setup under 15.5 XFCE. Can’t print test page. /var/log/cups/error_log shows…

E [08/Nov/2023:14:41:37 -0600] [cups-driverd] Bad driver information file "/usr/share/cups/drv/generic-brf.drv"!
W [08/Nov/2023:14:41:56 -0600] CreateProfile failed: org.freedesktop.ColorManager.AlreadyExists:profile id 'HP_LaserJet_M14-M17-Gray…' already exists

What is my next move?

You can ignore the ‘bad-driver information’ error. Instead, tell us make and model of printer to start with and how it is connected (eg via USB or network). Also, tell us which configuration utility you are using here.

This will report current configured queues and associated drivers (filters):

lpstat -t
egrep -i "name|model|filter" /etc/cups/ppd/*

This will show available detected devices (detected by various CUPS backends):

sudo /usr/sbin/lpinfo -v

You may need to disable an active firewall temporarily for devices on the network before running this command.

Rebooted and ran your suggestions. The only error was…

ion@localhost:~> egrep -i "name|model|filter" /etc/cups/ppd/*
grep: /etc/cups/ppd/HP_LaserJet_M14-M17.ppd: Permission denied

…which seemed insignificant. But then I could print a test page. Perhaps the reboot cleared something. In any case thanks for the help.

That just meant you didn’t have permission to read the file. You could have run it with sudo. In any case, glad to read that the printer is configured and working as expected.

That would be “access denied”. “Permission denied” normally means AppArmor, SELinux, service hardening etc. As cups runs as service, it could well be service hardening combined with AppArmor.

Right. I don’t run that stuff.