Printer problems

Dear Forum members,

Since a few days, I’m having difficulty with using my printer on my desktop. I have an relativly old HP Deskjet 930C printer.
The thing is the printer doesn’t work in OpenSuse 10.3.
I have tried reconiguration and resetting, removing installing… .

But the printer still does not work. It did on other Distro’s.

I can print a test page. Butt when I give the order to print a simple textline, I get nothing, nada, nakkes.

The message I get is: 0 pages loaded.

Is there any who can help me with this problem??


This could be a permissions issue. Maybe a recent policykit package upgrade? Is the printer connected via usb or parallel port? If the latter, you need to make sure the relevant user is a member of the uucp ‘group’ via yast.

Something to check: Open a browser and start cups interface with


Select Printers. Choose printer concerned. Navigate to ‘Set Allowed Users’ and make sure the correct users have permission to print.

Someone else may have more ideas…

Also, maybe try downloading the newest hplip from Packman (or maybe even from HP’s site). Prior to that, I’d check how well supported it is (HP maintains an exhaustive list of supported printers on their hplip pages).

Dear JosipBroz,

Thanx for the reply.
Merry xmas and a good 2009


Dear Deano_Ferrari,

Thanx for the reply.

A merry xmas and a good 2009


Merry xmas!:slight_smile: