Printer Problems openSuse 10.3


I have some troubles with printing here.
First Yast2 as well as Yast stop working at 60% (while loading current settings).
I reinstalled CUPS and all printer-stuff i found already.

I dont have the faintest idea what i could do and would appreciate any help offered.

What printer do you have? If it’s a local printer, have a look in yast2|hardware|h/ware info to see if your printer is detected.

It is not a local printer but a network printer.

As i said it seems to be a problem with the configuration(files?). Yet i dont know where to find those or how to reset them.

Tried a CUPS install for your printer ? just type localhost:631 in your browsers addressbar & follow the instructions


Well… maybe we start getting to the root of the problem.

CUPS recognizes the printer and is able to print test pages on it. Unfortunatly any other program hangs up as soon as i choose to print something.

e.g. Acrobat reader works perfectly fine until i press “Print”. At that very moment it stops working. It does not crash with an exit. It is just stopping to work, like “freezing” (but only the program not the OS).

MAybe this description helps a little bit more. For me it seems as if something with the printer-service communication is corrupted. something between the System itself and Cups on the other side.