Printer Problem

I have a Brother HL-2140 Laser Printer (USB). It works fine in openSUSE 10.3 using the HL-2040 PPD driver. As far as I can tell it is setup identically in both 11.0 and 10.3. If I try to print, nothing happens, although the spool is cleared. Any suggestions?

Any idea how I can delete everything, Printer and USB connections and start all over again with a printer install? I can delete the printer, no problem. But when I do it still leaves a non-configured printer there on the USB connection, which won’t delete and won’t configure. I don’t know if that is normal or not. So that is why I’d like to delete that USB connection and start over from scratch.

There are two drivers for the 2040 on the Brother site the lpr and the cups wrapper – did you use both of them?

Sorry. I forgot to mention I was using the cups wrapper driver in both 10.3 & 11.0. I did accidentally install both in 11.0 but subsequently reformatted/reinstalled the 11.0 install. And then only installed the cups wrapper driver.

I figured out the USB connection disappears when you boot without the printer being turned on. So I was able to start over from scratch. But still the same problem persists.

My printer is a 2040 so maybe it’s not relevant. But I have to install both rpms to get it to work, lpr first, wrapper second.