Printer problem

I installed 3 HP USB printers on a 11.1 box to access via samba. The first 2 work just fine.

The last one, an HP 2420d is recognized and installed. The problem is that after it is installed it can’t even print a text page. All I get is a communications error with no details at all.

It doesn’t matter which of the 3 listed drivers are used, or if I installed via cups, yast or the hplip utility. The result is the same. The printer does work as it was moved from a Windows box.

The install is fully updated. Yes, the printer is turned on.

Did you try a different usb connection cable or different socket on the box?

FWIW, a similar complaint I found here. I also had a look at this reference. Do you have the hplip package installed from openUSUSE repos? I don’t have much experience with HP printers, but AFAIK there are HP-specific config tools that may be better to use. (hp-setup for example).

Any HP printer users out there?