Printer Problem USB Brother Laser HL2040

Hi All,

I recently installed OpenSuse 11, KDE 3.5, onto my desktop, and it is working, but the printer does not print. I can access the control panel and set it up, but it prints out 5 pages of nothing when I ask it to print a test page. I can not use the CUPS set up via internet as it does not recognize my password.

I have deleted it and went in manually and changed the driver to the exact driver, but it did not work either. It did the same thing and printed out blank pages. Also, my printer is pushing out twice the amount of heat I get from Kubuntu or Windows.

Also, it did not remember the driver that I had picked for it after I had picked it out and went back to check it. It reverted to the old driver again. I did hit next and finish, and it did say it saved it.

Thanks to anyone who can get the printer to work and to cool down,
Clint aka zanity

To help figure this out can you go to /etc/cups and post your ‘printers.conf’ file, along with the output of:

cd /etc/cups
grep -nir PCFileName *

These are the printers.conf files that are in /etc/cups/


Printer configuration file for CUPS v1.3.7

Written by cupsd on 2008-06-20 17:31


Printer configuration file for CUPS v1.3.7

Written by cupsd on 2008-06-20 17:06

<DefaultPrinter hl2040series>
Info Brother HL-2040 series
Location USB printer on //Brother/HL-2040%20series
DeviceURI usb://Brother/HL-2040%20series
State Idle
StateTime 1214006248
Accepting Yes
Shared Yes
JobSheets none none
QuotaPeriod 0
PageLimit 0
KLimit 0
OpPolicy default
ErrorPolicy stop-printer

The code did nothing except change the directory to cups in terminal, I used Konsole root terminal, and the output was nothing.

cd /etc/cups
grep -nir PCFileName *

S0106001125680747:~ # cd /etc/cups
S0106001125680747:/etc/cups # grep -nir PCFileName *
S0106001125680747:/etc/cups #

Thanks for your help,
Clint aka zanity

Hi All,

I tried to repeat the last code input in normal terminal Konsole, and I did get some output.

clem@S0106001125680747:~> cd /etc/cups
clem@S0106001125680747:/etc/cups> grep -nir PCFileName *
grep: classes.conf: Permission denied
grep: classes.conf.O: Permission denied
grep: cupsd.conf: Permission denied
grep: cupsd.conf.default: Permission denied
grep: printers.conf: Permission denied
grep: printers.conf.O: Permission denied
grep: snmp.conf: Permission denied
grep: ssl: Permission denied
grep: yes/remote.cache: Permission denied
grep: yes/ppds.dat: Permission denied
grep: yes/job.cache: Permission denied
grep: yes/help.index: Permission denied

Hi All,

I was able to get the printer working through CUPS Manage Printing under Utilities and Printing. My mistake in not being able to set it up using CUPS before was it was asking for my root username, and password, not my home username and password. Although I was using my sudo or root password, I did not use root as the username. I thought I would share my gaffe, in the hopes it could help some other newbie.

Cheers & Thanks to All,
Clint aka zanity