printer missing fille

i haw a problem whit installing my printer a samsung ml-1674, lokal usb printer on my opensuse 13.1 installation. i get no connection to the printer at all
and it lock like i am missing a file i my cups folder. i haw tried installing the printer whit yast and whit the samsung driver fille. i there a suggestion to a solution?

 Idel - "file "/usr/lib/cups/rastertosplc" not availabe

This is a SPL (Samsung Printer Language) Print Emulationdevice. You have to install the SPLIX driver, and may need to create a link.

Assuming the standard repositories are configured and you have not done anything pertinent and not told us:

~ # zypper in splix
~ #  ln /usr/lib/cups/filter/gstoraster  /usr/lib/cups/filter/pstoraster

P.S. Why is this question here, and not in Hardware?

thanks for your reply, I just got printer to work what I did was

sudo cp rastertospl rastertosplc

and then install the printer white yast