Printer errors

I have an HP Envy 5070 printer. The print quality was unacceptable until I ran the cleaning program more than a dozen times. Currently, the print is readable if imperfect. The issue I want the forum to help with is something different.

I made a spreadsheet in LibreOffice with a dozen rows. The print preview shows a normal looking page. However, the print output prints only the odd numbered rows! The even numbered rows are blank. I exported the file to Google Sheets, PDF and text only. All have the same problem. The print preview all look correct but some rows do not print. In each file format, a different set of rows is blank. I see nothing anywhere in any of the software that would address this problem.

When I first created this sheet, the rows were too narrow and I increased the height. I tried adjusting the row height back as close as I could to the original but have not been able to get a correct printout. I update software as soon as an update is available. So hplip is up to date.

Try printing to PDF, then open the file. Is that also missing details? Reads like something application-specific than printer-related.

I tried printing PDF with similar but not identical results. Lines are missing and in some cases blank lines are “printing.”

I always do a “Print Preview” before printing. All look normal except PDF. A print preview of pdf shows all the code. Don’t know if this is pertinent to this issue, but it seems like it must be.

have you installed hplip ? HP hplip will help you install proprietary plug ins, if not try to install check if your printer is recognized.

It seems to me the problem is with LibreOffice settings, not the printer. How is printing from other programs, such as Firefox, Kate or Kwrite, or a PDF from a source other than your own LibreOffice?

I scanned an image to a pdf file and saved it in Google Drive. I then printed it. There were a few drop outs (mostly from the letter “r”) but it was readable. So, it seems like a driver issue. Once again: hplip is up to date.

Very odd. A scanned image is just a graphic picture, with no individual letters to be dropped. Did you or Google Drive use OCR to convert the graphic to text? What file format was it when you printed it?

I didn’t OCR it. This continues to be a mystery.

If you can try taking the same document, and print from another computer. Same issue?

I hope you believe me when I tell you this. I updated hplip. I printed the doc as a pdf. It printed only the odd number lines. Then I printed it as an xlxs spreadsheet. It printed only the even numbered lines. I did this from my computer booted into Windows.

Next, I went to my laptop and booted Tumbleweed. I did a clean install of hplip. It followed the same pattern as in the Windows boot with the added feature of printing only a quarter of each line. By that, I mean the top quarter, not a quarter of the width of the line. If it wasn’t so maddening, this would be funny.

You’ve not inadvertently set some weird “Alternate Background Row Colour” in the document ?

Ok, then this is related to the document formatting itself, that’s what you need to focus on.

If the spreadsheet does not contain any sensitive data, how about putting a copy in Dropbox or some similar site so others can get a copy to experiment with?

Try using a different font supported by pdf .
I encountered almost same problem in bricscad where I can’t put special characters.
When I replace the font to Open Sans it worked. Print to pdf shows the fonts and special character as it should.

I don’t know what this means. So, I will have to search around settings to see if I can find it.

The basic font was Arial. I bold-faced some words, but still Arial. I thought that was pretty universal but I’ll try something else.

Following suggestions, I opened the file to check for background errors. Well, I found one. Cell A1 has a green background that I never saw before. I cannot clear it. I went so far as to delete the cell. When I put text in, the background goes green in A1.

Next, I changed the font from Arial to Times New Roman, which I believed to be the most basic font. I then printed the file. The cell with the green background printed but almost nothing else; just faint traces of the top of each line of text.

I presumed the printer was defective. But the color background stuff means something else is going on.

Yes, I guess you should start a new thread to reflect the nature of the issue. Not a printer problem as such.

Arial was the font I had a problem in bricscad that I replaced with open sans.