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Is there a new listing of drivers for 11.1?. My ip1500 is no longer compatible and I would like to change to one of the Canon lower cost mp series.:open_mouth:

Canon seem to offer linux drivers for all their new printers and MF printer combos;

try this website


and see if the MF printers in your shops are listed here;

it is easiest to install Canon drivers, if you have 32bit Suse

also have a look on the OpenSuse list

HCL/Printers - openSUSE

I have the same printer - Cannon Pixma IP 1500.
Cannon have a driver for this printer but that’s for some older suse version. I’ve spent so much time to figure out the hacks for this driver - without any success. My printer is functioning with the Turboprint drivers - with the 30 day trial version - I hope that after this 30 days It’ll be still usable with limited functions, like in the older versions of Turboprint. Anyway, I’ll report back.

Thanks, I shall try it and await with bated breath for your update!

On Sat August 22 2009 11:46 am, johmidl wrote:

> Thanks, I shall try it and await with bated breath for your update!
> :wink:

While your waiting check this site:
It looks like Gutenprint works for this printer. You could also try the Canon
drivers. See:

If you are running x86_64, there is an additional step to get the Canon
drivers to work. If this applies to you please repost for this step.

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I have looked at Turboprint, but it appears to be available for 10.3 only, requiring GTK2+, which is missing from 11.1 :stuck_out_tongue:

I have an ip2500 and an ip3300 connected to 11.1 Kde 4.3 using the original drivers I got from Canon, about 2 years ago. I have been using these same drivers from 10.3 through to 11.1. I cannot get the ink monitor to work, though I am not too stressed about that, and I probably could if I put some effort into it. If the driver for the ip1500 are from the same series I cannot see why they wouldn’t work. Mine are the 2.70-1.i386 series. I had to load libxml-1.8.17-11.i386, which Yast complained was downgraded, but it loaded fine and allowed me to install the drivers, both printers work fine. It is a shame that, having actually supplied good drivers, Canon do not seem to want to update them, not that I am complaining too much I am just happy to get the printers working.

I’ve just installed it. No problems at all.

To all who helped, thanks a lot; problem solved. :wink: