Printer driver problem Canon 4500

I’m trying to get my Canon IP4500 printer to work on my Suse 10.2.

If I set up to use the IP4000 option in CUPS the printer responds by issuing a blank page. So I know ther’s a response.

I have downloaded and run cnijfilter-ip4500series-2.80-1.i386 which I got from HP, and the IP4500 now appears in the CUPS options, but then the printer won’t work at all. I know the printer’s OK as it runs on the WinXP box.

Please, what else do I need to do to get it working ?

I do have a downloaded copy of Gutenprint 5.2.3, which I understand includes the 4500, but I’m not sure now how to incorporate or install it, if this is really needed.

I should say that preferably I want to use the printer via the WinXP box and the LAN, and this is how I’m working at present. The other (Epson) printer operated this way works just fine, so I think it must be an IP4500 related problem rather than a network or Win problem:’(