Printer Driver for Canon Pixma IP 4600 in SUSE 12.2

Dear Friends,
I have built myself a separate computer with SUSE 12.2. Everything is functioning properly except my printer.
Canon has a number of drivers on their homepage, even a rpm one, but none of them functions properly. The testsheet is vertically compressed. The letters appear very small and round objects like an egg. What should fill the entire page is printer on half a page and practically unreadable. The same happens with documents I compose in Libre Office, though on sreen they appear correct.
Can anyone helpt me? It’s no fun to have a computer without being able to use it properly.

I am looking forward to hear from someone here.


I hope you get the answer you require from someone more familiar with Canon printers than myself. (The Linux support from Canon is typically weak.)

It may be worth your while to check out ‘paid for’ drivers from TurboPrint. You model is supported, and they allow trial printing too AFAIU:

ZEDOnet | Printer Driver | TurboPrint Linux