Printer doesn't want to print the grayscale of colored picture clearly

Ok, i already installed hplip,cups, and set it to grayscale. The printer didn’t print the colored picture into grayscale clearly. Almost blank paper. But when i printed the black colored picture or text it prints clearly. What should i do to make the print result clearly on the colored picture or text using grayscale configuration? I’m using hp d2466 for my printer and opensuse 13.2 for my OS. Please help me immediately! I need this for my important task such as homework!

Also noted that my printer’s ink is still full. I

Does the printing quality depend on the application being used? (You might want to experiment with this)

All I can offer you is the following
where it is mentioned that the support level is only ‘partial’

**“Partial”: **
Printing supported but possibly at limited speed or print quality; scanning and/or faxing on some multifunction devices may not be supported by HPLIP. HP personnel monitor Launchpad forum posts and attempt (but cannot guarantee) to answer questions posted for this support class.
See this page to select your printer to see the complete list of functions and features your device will deliver with HPLIP.

FWIW, there is a print quality diagnostic utility that HPLIP provides called ‘hp-pqdiag’

If you need to explore printing quality further, you may wish to engage with the HPLIP team


   The  HPLIP site is available
   to get help, report bugs, make suggestions, discuss the  HPLIP  project
   or otherwise contact the HPLIP Team.

Yes i think it’s the problem of software not hardware. Because i tested it using the hp driver for windows on my windows 7 and it works flawlessly. It maybe the hp configuration or the cups configuration in my suse maybe.

It won’t be the CUPS configuration as such. It is down to the driver/ppd that really determines the features and quality. Any print driver options for paper/print quality?

I already installed the hplip and how to install the hp-pqdiag one?

It’s included as part of the hplip package.

I already installed hplip and it still doesn’t print clearly. Any solution?

If you’re already using the HPLIP driver, and selected the best quality printing (via the printing options), then there’s probably not anything else that can be offered. Read post #4 again. (I already suggested that you contact the HPLIP team and raise it with them.)

Ok so I just set it to grayscale and set the best quality and it’s work. Thank you for your suggestion or idea.

Glad to have been of help. Thanks for the update.