Printer ceased working after update. Anyone else too?

Printing on my old Epson Stylus 760 InkJet via USB worked fine from two machines under 11.1.

All of a sudden, it does not work at all anymore (probably because I used YastOnlineUpdate). The printer still works fine when connected to a third machine running 10.3, or when used via Windows.

The printer is automatically configured upon plugging it in. I can also configure it using Yast->Hardware->Printer. However, whatever I send to the printer causes no reaction whatsoever.

Am I the only one with such problems (i.e. do I have to investigate myself) or is there already a known bug affecting printers in one of the last updates?

No problems for me.
You could have a look at this
CUPS - Explained - openSUSE Forums

Go into yast and check your printer. Got this last month after an update.
In printer try the edit function and see if the printer is accepting job. You have to tick to enable those options again to make the printer back on his feet.Worse comes to worse you might have to delete your present printer and reinstall it in yast.

out of interest, another place to look is:


use your web browser and paste this url into it; it runs on your local system, so no security problems …

it has a “manage printers”: it would be interesting what it says;

and you should be able to edit from there too; sometimes CUPS seems to work, when YaST may give differing results;