print jobs fail, pause printer

Hi, I’m using a USB print server connected to an HP PSC 1600. Been working fine up to OpenSuse 11.4
I add the printer, ( as LPD ) select it’s driver, configure other settings ( page size etc ) all looks good. Select Printer Test Page, the job fails almost immediately and pauses / disables the printer.
Here are some logs
[24/Apr/2011:20:05:48 +0800] [CGI] Unable to scan “@LOCAL”!
E [26/Apr/2011:17:11:00 +0800] [cups-driverd] Bad driver information file “/usr/share/cups/drv/sample.drv”!
E [26/Apr/2011:17:11:16 +0800] [cups-driverd] Bad driver information file “/usr/share/cups/drv/sample.drv”!
D [26/Apr/2011:17:11:56 +0800] [Job 1] The following messages were recorded from 17:11:56 to 17:11:56
D [26/Apr/2011:17:11:56 +0800] [Job 1] Wrote 4096 bytes of print data…

Where has this sample.drv come from, thats not the driver selected and shown in the set up of the printer? I get a choice of 2 drivers for the HP PSC 1600, the same issue occurs with both of them.
The printer is set up and configured fine if I plug it directly into the PC.
The print server is operating normally from the windows boxes that also use it.
Any help appreciated, thanks.

Without knowing too much about how the usb print server works, how did you configure your HP printer? Assuming you have the hplip package installed, did you use the ‘hp-setup’ utility first?

Edit: You may need to supply more details about the print server too.

The print server is one of those little net gear ones, I have it set up on a static ip on my local network.
The printer 's usb cable is plugged in to the print server and I use the ip address for it as the lpr/lpd host when setting up the printer. It then searches for drivers, then I select the manufacturer and the model, then the driver.
Save, make any modifications, apply and then it should be fine to go.
It adds without errors etc, just fails the print job, which pauses or disables the printer, I can enable it again, but the same thing happens when I try again.
This setup has been running fine for many different versions and distros; of linux.
Also working fine on windows machines.
Yes, hplip is installed on my pc.

Problem solved. It seems a restart of the print server gets things operational again. That is a proper restart of the device from it’s web interface, not merely yanking the power and plugging it back in again as I had done earlier today.
Not sure why the Linux printing could not get through, when the Windows printing was fine.
Cheers to all.

Glad you got it working. Thanks for the update.