Print Envelopes

Is there a program out there that can print my envelopes? I am using LibreOffice at this time, but I don’t particularly like it. Is there another that I can try?

Not that I know of; there was a regression in LibreOffice a long time ago which messed up its envelope printing and I must confess I have used workarounds ever since. However, it may also depend on your printer. I am an HP fan; so you may have better luck with another brand.

just finished downloading and installing TEXLIVE from repos. Supposedly this would print my envelopes and labels. The only problem is that I cant find it. I hope there is something there it took a hole 30 minutes to download and install.

Hello, I have similar problems with envelope printing. It was o.k. on my three laptops on Leap 42.1 and 13.2 and all previous versions. i am using Canon Printers with Canon drivers as well as Gutenprint drivers. The mess started after the update of Libre Office from LO4 to LO5 on both oS Leap 42.1 and 13.2. Ebkr

does any one know what happened to the texlive that i downloaded

Texlive is the distro that supports LaTeX (and LuaTeX and XeTeX); you need something like Kile or LyX to use it. A quick check shows that LyX does not support any of the envelope packages; so you need to use Kile or another LaTeX editor to use any of the envelope printing options.

I suggest you check the printer driver options for your printer. Sometimes the FOSS driver is not as sophisticated as the proprietary driver; sometimes there is more than one FOSS printer driver and one has more options than the other.