Primary Drive is full

I am rather new with SuSE (using version 10.3). Does anyone know a quick way to determine how data is disbursed across the primary drive. I am using du (-xhs) for each of the directories, but this is taking forever. The primary drive is 100 % full resulting in most processes requiring space to simply fail. No crashes, but loosing data in a real time application. BTW attempting to remedy this through an ssh connection.
Thanks greatly in advance.

You can use the “–max-depth”-option with du (see “man du”) and your first “usual suspects” should be /tmp, /var/tmp and /var/log.

Thanks for the reply. Still digging.

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jefferyp 3157 wrote:

> Thanks for the reply. Still digging.

How about something like…?

du -h -m / | sort -n -r | less