Primal Carnage will no longer be for Linux

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Phooey! :’(

Lotsa attitudes in that thread, shame it has happened. If you donated you can get your money back.

Buy a PS3!!

Arf! I don’t think it is being released on consoles any more either as it goes.

Nintendo is where its at for console gaming! :stuck_out_tongue:

@Pyux I have to respectfully disagree, I once owned a PS3 (it got stolen) and there motto holds true, “It only does everything” and if you ever decide to pick one up you’ll know what I mean.

I don’t want a console to do everything :slight_smile: I want it to be a good games console :slight_smile: Do one thing and do it well and all that hehe :slight_smile:

All comes down to personal preference at the end of the day though doesn’t it? If you want to play the Halo series there’s no point buying a Sony PSP :slight_smile:

Yes right, but the PS3 not only does alot, it’s also a great gaming console (the online service is a bit and I do mean a bit rough but hey it’s free so you can’t complain that much) with alot of great titles backing it up…I don’t know how familiar you are with consoles, but the days of exclusive titles is pretty much, for the most part, dead and gone (no more fighting for the Final Fantasy franchise that used to plague consoles). Of course there are first party exclusives, but thats the way it’s always going to be, and as for Halo it’s a pretty boring fps, run towards the opponent while pumping rounds into him, untill you get close enough for a melee then the first person to hit the B button succeeds…it’s the same formula over and over again. Also when you buy a PS3 your buying a solid piece of hardware, unlike the Xbox 360 where your actually just renting it for a year until it breaks and you have send it back, wait a month, then find out they hired a bunch of chimpanzees to fix your system, so two months later it breaks down again then you repeat the process until the 2 year warranty expires then you just have to buy another. As for the Wii, its great for the casual gamer, I’ve had alot of fun playing one (there absolutely great for parties) but most of the games tend to aimed at the 5-10yr old crowd, the graphics are lagging and they tend to get repetitive. Now I’m not trying to start a Religious War mind you, I’m just trying to offer some insight from someone who’s had experience with them all. Thanks

Been into consoles for a long time. I am a social gamer, mate round the house and having a 4 player bash at something is what I like :slight_smile: For the most part Nintendo has always done good multiplayer stuff. There was a gap between the N64 and Gamecube that Sega’s Dreamcast filled beautifully :slight_smile:

I found the PS2 bland as bland stuff, PS3 was better, but just not as suited to my preference of games. :slight_smile:

I also disagree on Nintendo being aimed towards children. It is aimed towards all ages. :slight_smile:

Now by your use of the term “mate” I assume your from the UK, and maybe more adult games are offered there but here in the states there really isnt much available (though I bet Manhunt 2 for the Wii is absolutely spectacular) :slight_smile: I’m glad to find someone who’s as much of a fan of the Dreamcast as I was…it was the perfect console, had all the best titles, was ahead of it’s time and had a very nice price (here in the states it was $200 on the release date) too bad Sega didn’t quite have the business aspect down :slight_smile: