previewing icons in dolphin


I have just installed suse 11.3 and I have a problem in previewing images. Dolphin does preview the images, but they look corrupted. When I point with the mouse, images are shown perfectly on the information area on the right. I found that as I increase the preview size from the default 64 pixels to the maximum 256 pixels, most of the images are previewed correctly, but will only have 3 images per row !
I noticed that the same problem happens with konqueror file manager.

Any idea ?

Thanks …

And I found that this happens to images on the desktop too. It is shown corrupted as small icons, but when I point with the mouse, the pop up preview-image is good.

You might want to post a screenshot (PrtSc) of what you mean exactly.

Here you are the images

Increasing preview size

Then setting it to maximum

This I have never seen before.

If you create a new user account, login and try preview like that, does it doe the same thing.
If it does: we know the problem is likely more system based
If it doesn’t: we know it’s likely due to some user settings.

I know it’s a bit of a fiddle doing all this but it’s the best approach.