prevent full name and email beeing publisher din bugzilla


I made a bug report on bugzilla recently and was surprised about my full name and email being published to the world. How can I undo this?

Thanks for a hint.


The KDE Bugtracker offers some advice regarding this issue: <;

PRIVACY NOTICE: KDE Bugtracking System is an open bug tracking system. Activity on most bugs, including email addresses, will be visible to registered users. We recommend using a secondary account or free web email service (such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or similar) to avoid receiving spam at your primary email address.

The same applies for the openSUSE Bugzilla system:

  • Set up an e-Mail account which is not your usual private or business account.
  • Check if your Internet Service Provider provides multiple e-mail accounts on their Domain as part of the monthly service which you’re paying for.

[HR][/HR]I can’t currently check if, you’re able to choose between your given and family names or, a pseudonym, for the Bug Reports – there’s something going on with SUSE’s, and therefore openSUSE as well, change of ownership.

I am using a Yahoo disposable address for bugzilla (and for the forums).

I changed to this disposable address mainly for a different, but related reason. My ISP was classifying bugzilla email as spam, and I wasn’t getting it. At least with a Yahoo disposable address, I get the email. At worst, it might go to the spam folder, but I would still get it. In practice, I don’t think it has ever gone to the spam folder.

AFAIR, bugzilla did not inform me that my email would be published to anyone on creating a report - not only logged in user. I find this incredible.

Thanks to your hints. I changed name and email address. It applied to existing reports. So, I’m fine now. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

I managed to get a handle on this by logging into the Micro Focus site where our login credentials are currently being held.
<; – choose “edit account” – if, you’re logged into this Forum then, you’ll directly access your account information.
[HR][/HR]I suggest that, you understand what Micro Focus have written on this page and, avoid using pseudonyms