Prevent CD/DVD Burning

I am trying to lock down my network and would like to be able to prevent non-root users from burning to CD/DVD media. Is there a way to ‘easily’ do this within OpenSuse 11.1 running KDE4. Gnome is not installed.


Should be possible using linux permissions, though I prefer a rather rigid solution: remove CD/DVD burners from machines, except from the server which is in runlevel 3. If I need data to be burnt to CD or DVD, I use ‘ssh -X’ to access k3b on the server.

Cannot test it right away, but I would think this would do the job on 11.1 in a terminal window, note that [X] should be a number, if only one device should be ‘0’:
su -c ‘chmod 600 /dev/sr[X]’

Now the group has no access to the device anymore, owner is root, so this should do the job. Thing is that on next boot this will be reset, so you’d have to add the command to /etc/profile.local ; if that file does not exist you’d have to create it as root.

Hope this helps you, good luck