Pretending to be a Amino settopbox. How do these Fedora settings translate to openSUSE?


I’m trying to get my openSUSE 12.1 HTPC to pretend to be an Aminobox. Why? because I got iptv and if I can get my HTPC to pretend to be an Aminobox it should be able to receive the Television broadcasts.
An adventurous fellow (Robert) has done all the hard work already (figuring out what to set and not to set) and shared it online. Now the problem is, he used Fedora and it seems to differ in pretty much all key points when it comes to configuring this stuff. Some of it I figured out on my own, some I think I might have figured out and some must be plain wrong because it doesn’t work yet.

First off, spoofing the Mac address. This I got figured out:

kdesu kwrite /etc/init.d/boot.local

and add the new lines:

/sbin/ifconfig eth0 down
/sbin/ifconfig eth0 00:02:02:xx:xx:xx
/sbin/ifconfig eth0 up

(00:00:02 is the mac range Aminet uses - the xx’s are placeholders, I configured them to be the exact same as my Aminobox - its mac address can be viewed in its GUI)

Second, altering the DHCP request
This I may have figured out… not sure. I do not have a /etc/dhclient-eth0.conf file. I hoped that it would be enough to fire up YaST network settings and changing the “DHCP Client Identifier” under the Global options tab would be enough. Entered Aminoaminet130fisys in the text-box.

Third, configuring the routing
Still in YaST network settings I opened up the Routing tab and added a new entry to the Routing Table (Destination:, Genmask:, Gateway:, Device: eth0). Quite sure this should be fine.

So basically it’s the second point which I’d like to find the openSUSE file of so I can check if it matches with what Robert has configured. If everything works I should be able to visit in the browser and be prompted to download a tarball with all the channel information. Any help would be appreciated. If anyone has something like this working on openSUSE already please do chip in with how you did :wink: