preparing a fresh installation of Leap 42: dd-command revisited

hello dear Opensuse-linux-experts

i am currently preparing a fresh installation: Therefore i need to use the dd-command

So this thread is about the DD-Command revisited

to begin with the beginning: i am just in front of a fresh install of opensuselinux 42 Leap.
note: **i want to do a very fresh install on a notebook that currently runs under opensuse 13.2

my hd has got 500 gb

which partition-table should i use ?! Do youhave some suggestions:

i would like to run the dd-command before i will do the installation - do you think this is clever!?

This command will overwrite the drive with

 zeroesdd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=4k conv=notrunc

And - furthermore: if we just want to make sure our drive is really zeroed out! - then we could use the following caommnd

dd if=/dev/sda | hexdump -C | grep ^00]

what do you say!?

Which partition should i use!?

hello dear all

if i want to install a opensuse linux-system - on the notebook with the following file system

 df -T

martin@linux-o61y:~> df -T
Dateisystem    Typ      1K-Blöcke Benutzt Verfügbar Verw% Eingehängt auf
/dev/sda6      ext4      41152576 5932992  34154628   15% /
devtmpfs       devtmpfs   2001824       0   2001824    0% /dev
tmpfs          tmpfs      2005896    2484   2003412    1% /dev/shm
tmpfs          tmpfs      2005896    2104   2003792    1% /run
tmpfs          tmpfs      2005896       0   2005896    0% /sys/fs/cgroup
/dev/sda7      ext4     421122648 5372380 414877944    2% /home

if i want to do a fresh installation - should i erase all with a dd-command.

BTW - which patition would you create!?

Don’t need to you can resize/remove/add partitions from the installer. Just take control and don’t use the defaults. Set it up like you want.

Note the OS you show seems to be only a one of possible many based on the partition numbers

hello dear gogalthorp

many thanks for the answer - great to hear from you

you mean that i can run the installer - and then i have controll over everything. Well that is great.

you say.

Note the OS you show seems to be only a one of possible many based on the partition numbers

that means i can wipe some partitions - if my one and only operating system will be openSuse !?

Which partition-logic you would suggest - which one is the most apropiate - for me - if i only want to use opensuse ?

You can do what you want in the installer it is very powerful, Just select expert mode. Always double check on the partition scheme screen that things are what you want before proceeding. At that point you can still go back and adjust things