Preferred/required repositories and their explanation

I’m brand new to openSUSE ( ascended from Debian) and I was searching for information about repositories and a listing for which are preferred/required for Tumbleweed but didn’t really find anything in the forums or manuals that scratched the itch. I did have the following Wiki page suggested from an #opensuse chat and thought I’d post the link below for others in the future.

Package repositories

IMO you can install openSUSE-repos-Tumbleweed and let it handle your repos. This package will also recommend openSUSE-repos-Tumbleweed-NVIDIA if you’ve got a NVIDIA GPU for proprietary drivers so it’s super handy.

A common advice should be adding as few additional repos as possible for it may break system dependencies.

As for myself, I added packman-essentials for codecs (this one is preferred over full packman as mentioned in wiki) and M17N:Fonts for additional fonts.

You can check out Additional package repositories wiki page for more information.

Exactly why my search began, I was receiving an error from updates due to an NVIDIA repo (added during install), even though I have an old GPU card (NVIDIA GeForce GT 610) in my machine. Ended up removing the line in the Configured Software repositories and all’s good, but it did get me wondering what, where, and how, but there wasn’t a thread here in the forums nor a repos section in the manuals…

You get the standard repos you need during installation. So when you want to know, make a list direct after installation.

Most people will add the Packman repo when they want multi-media functioning.

Many people add the Nvidia repo when they think they need that for thier Nvidia hardware.

But now we have already passed the “official” ones.

NVIDIA repository is recommended and added automatically if NVIDIA hardware is present. So what you get depends on whether you have NVIDIA or not and whether you decided to disable recommends or not.