pre-release beta problems

in the last few days i’ve run across at least two 11.2 postings in
fora other than “Pre-Release/Beta”…

i wonder if somewhere NEAR the download button for 11.2 is a big,
flashing, red fonted note mentioning that UFN 11.2 is pre-release beta
software and ALL problems with it need to be tracked in ONLY ONE forum…

if that already exists then maybe once they click to download they
have to manually TYPE something like: I will report all problems and
try to find answers ONLY in the Pre-Release/Beta forum!

and, THEN let the download begin. :slight_smile:


Well, seeing as 11.2 isn’t out yet and you have to go to**developer**

and also that no repositories have an 11.2 option (except for a few like KDE repositories have the openSUSE factory option), then I would be to think people would know that 11.2 is pre-release/beta material.

I do remember seeing some threads in the wrong parts of the forum though. So maybe it would be a good idea to have something on the page tell… wait a minute it says Milestone right on the top of the page. So I guess it could say something like this is in-progress software, only use for testing and bug reporting purposes. Questions may be directed to the pre-release/beta section of the openSUSE forums.


more misplaced today.


Don’t stress yourself dear!lol!

Yes. It’s not ideal when that happens but honestly, moving threads is not something we do just because!
Not everyone likes it, nntp users in particular, of which you are one.