pre installing network printer possible?

is it possible to install a netwerk printer, while not connected to the netwerk where the printer is?

I installed opensuse on my sisters desktop and I want to install the printer that she and my parents are using at home. Is this possible?

De printer is in a windows workgroup and shared. De name of the workgroup is DEROON and the name f the computer the printer is connected to is Nico

First of all: this may be a forum full of good people, but it’s not wise to publish private info like workgroupnames etc.

Then: you cannot do anything in a network you’re not connected to.

Then: could you be more specific? Your sister’s desktop is in the local network? Is it a dual boot machine with Windows?

And: did you do some reading in wiki’s or HOWTO’s?

I have done some reading in wiki’s, other topics and how to’s. I did not find an answer on my specific question. Maybe I used some wrong key words to search for.

I now have my sisters desktop at my place for installation of Opensuse. I will return it next weekend. I was hoping that I could return it completely ready to use so that I don’t have to do some install work when I’m there because we’re visiting for my mothers birthday.

The machine has only Opensuse 11.2 installed. At my parents place, it will be in a local network environment with a windows (xp) machine where the printer is connected to and shared on for the other computers in the network.

Printing can be set up in your web browser, in the so-called CUPS ADmin Page which is accessible at this address: http://localhost:631. When you set up your sister’s machine for the printer, use this address when asked for it:


Substitute the share name as seen on the network for ABCDE. If a username and password are rewquired on the winbox, use this form:


You can also use the IP address of computer “Nico” instead of the string “Nico”, like this:


FFI, read this: Printer Sharing: Windows Print Server for Suse/openSUSE Linux Clients [Samba and LPD] [use the Samba protocol, not the lpd option]

I’d like to add something: this is not about a network printer, with it’s own IP, it’s about a windows shared printer.

I wouldn’t do it the way you suggest. Tried many times, failed to often. I want to be where the printer is, see how it’s connected etc. etc.
My advice: install 11.2 at your place, configure the printer when you connect the machine to the network. Mind: the Nico PC has to be on, and has to have network connection.