pradha not displaying lyrics

Hi everyone,

Just tried pradha (up to date with LEAP), what a nice player !

Although its not able to load lyrics properly, instead I get this :



Silver Songs


Songs by Radiohead

Wikipedia articles/Song

The Artist Info is working just fine.

Looked the web around but found nothing so far… any idea of what I’m missing here ?

Thanks !

The pragha version is btw :wink:

It’s a nice player indeed. Can’t currently test it on Leap, but here on Tumbleweed it works like a charm, incl. lyrics.
BTW pragha was cleanly installed, version 1.3.3, everything works OOTB after pointing to the proper folder ( the one containing my music files )


I used a clean install as well, must be the 1.3.2 version then.

Thanks for the feed back.